The Tardis

Welcome to my mind....
Welcome to my Tardis, It's gloomy,i lost something important in my life and it doesn't want to come back to me.
Now im just a shell of a man who was someone else.

I dont want it

I don’t want my life or what is left of it, i want the person whos dying and wants so badly to survive to have my life,the cancer  patient, the ill, the wounded because i dont, maybe they can do something better with it or have something amazing to live for at home because they want it so bad, if i could trade with them i would, i would give them the second chance they would carve so badly, i don’t need it im just a suffering soul,  if i could do that as my last act in life i would give it to them so my death wont be wasted.

R.R. (via verbautezukunft)

this is why im not the same man anymore

(via beyondsuicide)

One year ago I was the most important person in your life. Now it’s like I never existed.
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