The Tardis.

Welcome to my life ,Welcome my Tardis, I know its kinda gloomy but i lost something important in my life

i feel it

I feel my death coming and as I die I will die with a smile because of the relief I will feel will be amazing


Nobody pain should be compaired ,pain is pain just because yours was different doesn’t make the other persons pain any less important and if your going to roll your eyes at them, then don’t help at all because obviously you don’t understand and don’t want to help that person. My last words of wisdom before I go for good, my time being on this earth is almost up for me……. hope this helps to all who need guidance, who need a shoulder or for a friend you know who is hurting and needs your guidance….please don’t leave others to try to save themselves some people need saving…. Its too late for me but help those who you know be kind to one another bye…
I’m not winning the battle within myself
Anonymous asked: You are so vulnerable and fragile but you are strong to survive and push to live.



I don’t fear death not anymore

and i not pushing towards anything and i don’t care if i survive anymore

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